Electric Pedalos

With a sleek, streamlined design combined with an innovative electrically assisted propulsion system, a Ceclo boat gives you an experience on the water like no other. Ceclo was designed by a French couple who took a pedal boat out during their honeymoon only to discover it was far from the romantic experience they hoped. Exhausted from manoeuvring their boat they decided there must be a better way. Ceclo was the answer – a pedal boat assisted by electricity to reduce the effort. Whether you are planning a romantic sunset cruise, a family excursion or you simply want to get from the shore to your main boat do it in style in a Ceclo pedal boat.
Elegant and effortless – take to the water in style in a Ceclo electric pedal boat.

Electric pedalos

FUN X2 2 SEATER 30 min - AED 100
FUN H2 2 SEATER 30 min - AED 50

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